White Cotton Tri-Top Binder

White Cotton Tri-Top Binder

Binding is a way that many folks flatten their chest. Some use tight sports bras but other choose a more secure Binder. We recommend that young folks wait as long as they can before binding and that when they do start binding to do so as little as possible. Because you are compressing the chest it can cause some side effects, so we suggest getting the largest binder you can. 

For more information on binding safely see here.

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We carry chest binders from one of the leaders in the field - Underworks. These are high-quality binders that work to create a flatter chest. The cotton-lined tri-top is made to be extra comfy with a soft lining and no seams

From the manufacturer:

. Comfortable and soft cotton lining feels smooth against the body
. High compression tank flattens the chest
. Unique cut promotes freedom of arm movement
. Powerful medical grade 70% Nylon and 30% spandex knit shell lined with cotton spandex blend
. Reversible
. Invisible side seams, no digging
. High quality construction, Made in the USA


Available in White in the following chest sizes: 
• XSmall - 28-31" 
• Small - 32-35" 
• Medium - 36-39" 
• Large - 40-43"

Notes On Binders:

1. How to measure: First take a snug measurement under the bust line with a tape measure. Next take another measurement over the fullest part of your chest. Again not too tight but not too loose. Take the average of theses two measurements and apply the result to the scale provided above. Each item has a different scale based on the elasticity of the fabric used and the cut of the garment, so please pay attention to the sizing scale for each style.

2. Care For Your Binders: You may hand wash or machine wash your binders but only in cold water. Use gentle cycle when machine washing. Do not iron. Do not place the garment near any kind of heat source. Do not use any kind of bleach. Drip dry or flat dry, do not place your binder in the dryer.

3. How To Put On Your Binder: Tank top style binders are slipped on just like a pullover or a t-shirt. In some cases, depending on your body type, if a binder is too difficult to get on this way, simply step into the garment and pull it up.

Please note that like all our products, we cannot accept returns on this item unless it is defective, so PLEASE read the How to Measure part very carefully and if you fall between two sizes, we suggest you order one size up.

These measurement guides are created by the manufacturer.  Depending on differences in build (shoulder width, ribcage shape, chest size, etc), the measured size might not be the best fit for what you're looking for.  All binders will be tight, and will likely require a little practice to get the hang of getting them on and off smoothly.  If you have any questions or concerns about the fit of your binder, please contact us prior to placing your order.

Made in the U.S.A.


$ 35.00