About Us

TransKids is run by Searah, who also runs a site for trans guys. For years she has helped adults find high-quality gender expression gear and after many requests from parents of younger trans kids she opened this site and store that focused more on kids and their unique needs. 

Searah hopes that all parents coming here can trust that this is a safe and affirming place, where helping your kids live fully and embodied is our only goal.

Please shoot us an email anytime to let us know what products you'd like to see or how we can help you in other ways. 

Email us anytime transkidsbiz@gmail.com

(If you want to email us just to harass us, know that we don't read your hate, we just forward all harassing and threatening emails to the authorities, plus for every harassing email we get we make a donation to a trans-serving organization that helps trans people thrive so THANK YOU!)