A Girl Like Any Other

A Girl Like Any Other
When I first saw Sophia Labelle's work I was so struck at her humor, honestly and fierceness I scooped up all of her stuff I could find. I love this book, as does my kid, because it is silly but also honest and poignant.   


"What makes a girl? What makes a boy?

Do all girls have a vulva?
Do all boys have a penis?

The narrator of this story is a girl just like any other - even if she is often told she is not!"


''A Girl Like Any Other'' tells the struggles of a trans girl.

Questionning the very idea of normativity and navigating between her need to belong and her desire to be herself, she manages to create her very own space where she can express her creativity and still find esteem and peer recognition, despite the obstacles.

Through the character's relationships with her brother, her best friend and her classmates, the book exposes some of the difficulties that might be encountered by transgender or gender-creative children.

A Girl Like Any Other is a great way to introduce the subject of gender-variance to children aged 6-12.

Using a light and humorous tone along with dynamic and colorful illustrations, the author succeeds in portraying a story that will leave no one indifferent.

Printed on recycled paper in Montreal, Quebec.
Colors by Karine Éthier.

By Sophie Labelle
32 pages
ISBN : 978-2-9813558-3-6


$ 15.00