Flamingo Rampant Full Rainbow Collection

Flamingo Rampant Full Rainbow Collection
With this set you get SIX books and a backpack! 


We have loved the books that Flamingo Rampant publishes since the first time we picked up Backwards Day. They are positive. They are cute. They have good stories. They are multi-cultural. And now they are offering a whole set of books that just came out this year. We liked all these books and each one touches on a slightly different subject. Some may not be exactly what your kid is looking for, but sharing is always nice! 


Yes, it is a $100 investment, but you get six books (so just about $16 a book), the backpack and they SHIP FREE! So not only are you supporting awesome independent queer and trans authors, but you are getting a great deal on a bunch of books that your kid will identify with!



$ 100.00